Tuesday, March 1, 2016

I Saved a Lamb

I Saved A Lamb's Life
                    By: Cooper
I helped 2 Lamb's 3 day's ago, I wanted to help so I helped them. ( I helped them on my own, Without Mom's Help ). :) I was Happy:) to Help the lamb's, Even When it's Cold Out. 

              So Now to the Story

I went to the Barn to check if there Were any Lamb's, Here there were 2 Little Lambs Just Born. When I Saw this I was thrilled... So I went to get the big green bucket ( It Is a 3x2 Bucket ) So I grabbed that & the Shepherd's Crook & a Little Peace of hay. Then I Carried the Crook & But the Peace Of hay in the big bucket. Then I ran carrying The Crook & the bucket, As Fast as my Legs would let me go.  Then open'd the gate & rushed to the lamb's. Then put The Lambs's in the bucket. Then I really didn't need the croock @ All. But I got The lamb's & there mother In a pen with a heat Lamp then plugged in the Heat lamp . Then I put in a Post so the cattle Panel didn't fall down. 

Then I Heard Mom Yelling "get Down to the House" . I came to the house. (Because my work was over) . Then Told My Mom (Amy) What I did She Was Shocked about what I did. then she told me She will be late for her Friend ( Krista )'s Mom's Wake.

Now I'm done With My Story...